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Bingo is a simple and easy game. Millions of people all over the world play bingo in several forms. Bingo originated in Italy as Lotto in the sixteenth century. It then went to the French court in the eighteenth century. Bingo first made its appearance in America in the early twentieth century.

Bingo History starts with Beano another name for Bingo. This is because people shouted beano when they completed a sequence pattern of numbers. In this form of the game, a person called out numbers between one and ninety. Players had bingo cards with numbers printed randomly on them and had to complete a predecided sequence. The person who completed this first was the winner.

To look at the history of bingo we go back to Edwin Lowe, an American that first discovered this game in Atlanta Georgia. He modified it along with a mathematics professor and started selling it as a family game. Soon later, bingo became popular all over the country. Several churches and communities used bingo to raise funds for their activities. Bingo in a sense took the form of legal gambling.

Bingo has taken several educational forms. Today European countries use it as a teaching aid for preschoolers. It makes an interesting tool for teaching maths to small children. It exists in several variations for spelling and teaching history.

Nowadays people play the modern version of bingo with cards printed with numbers between one and seventy five. The bingo card is a grid of five rows and five columns and the central square is a blank. A person takes out numbers randomly from a bag and calls them out. The person who first completes the pattern of numbers shouts bingo. His card is checked and if everything is in order, he is the winner. Multiple winners share the prize money in case of a tie. More than six thousand different bingo cards are in existence. This gives every player an equal chance of winning.

There are several thousand bingo halls in the country today. These halls also have fruit machines and other diversions installed so that people end up spending money. The main aim of these gaming rooms is to earn as much as possible from their customers.

One technique adopted by bingo halls is to increase the jackpot by connecting all bingo machines in a particular area. This lures people into playing many more games spread over several hours. Game rooms in Las Vegas have special playing sessions for their regular players with moderate prizes except for the coverall versions with huge prize money. Churches organize weekly bingo games but with much small prizes.

With the spread of the Internet, bingo is now available online. There are several gaming rooms where one can play several cards at a time. The chances of winning are more than in offline bingo. One must just verify the credentials of the gaming site before putting money in any of the online games. This ensures that one will get the prize money if he/she is the winner. Internet bingo requires greater alertness because the caller calls numbers just a few seconds apart. The called numbers appear on the screen and the player must compare these numbers with those on his/her cards to make the required sequence.

Bingo thus has many forms both online and offline. However, the basic rules of the game are the same for all variations. An easy game gives the players a great thrill and enjoyment at a very small nominal cost. This is the reason for the popularity and success of bingo. Only history will tell what new and exciting things are in store for bingo in the up coming decades.

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