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Playing Bingo is a very simple game with easy to understand rules. Thousands of people all over the world play bingo in bingo halls and in their homes. With the spread of Internet accessibility, it is possible to play bingo online from the comfort of one’s drawing room. There are several gaming sites where one can register and begin playing online bingo. Some of these sites offer bonus points on registration and other gifts to regular players. These sites offer free to download.

However, one must be sure of the credentials of the gaming sites. It is advisable to check with friends or Internet bingo chat rooms before signing up on a site. This ensures that one will get the prize in case of a win, since thee are several cases of fraud that have become known. One must therefore check the background of the gaming site and make sure that is has a proper financial gateway for money transactions. All listed bingo sites at Continental Bingo.com have all been tested to play online bingo with good terms of honesty and integrity.

Many gaming sites gives players a chance to chat with each other online while playing. This makes online bingo a social event and increases enjoyment of each game. The gaming sites on Continental Bingo.com all have good software and audio – visual effects to simulate an offline bingo hall. This makes playing bingo online a more realistic experience.

The rules of playing online bingo are the same as for offline bingo. Players can play with either one card or multiple cards. The bingo cards are a grid of five rows and five columns. They can have numbers from one to seventy-five on them in any random order. The central space may be blank in some cards. There are differences in the British and Australian bingo cards. They have three rows and nine columns and numbers from one to ninety.

Players in the US have to make any of the needed patterns, horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The Australian versions include marking the full card. One person, the caller will randomly call out numbers. One has to mark these numbers if they are present one one’s cards. The called out numbers appear on a screen so that players can compare them with the numbers on their cards.

When you play bingo online it is a fast game and the numbers appear a few seconds apart. one must be alert so as not to miss the number called. In case of multiple cards, one can end up very confused and miss most numbers. To avoid this one must keep a smaller number of bingo cards for playing with. This is more practical and one has a better chance of winning.

If a player completes the required sequence, he/she presses the bingo button on his/hers computer. The caller then checks his/hers numbers with those called out so far. If they match, the player is the winner and gets the prize. If more than two players have the winning sequence, then they share the prize.

Online bingo is thus convenient and enjoyable. One can improve their game and win huge prize money sitting at home. One can make new friends online and learn new tips for the game from them. Thus, one can easily master the game and play as per one’s schedule without stepping out of the house.

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